1.    Child Development

2.   SistaHood

3.   Natural hair care & Nutrition

4.   BrothaHood

5.   Exercise/Yoga/Self-Defense

6.   What’s your Hustle?

7.   Our Stolen Legacy

8.   Our Religious beliefs

9.   Afrikan Traditional Religions

10. Got Melanin?

11.  Metaphysics

12. Let’s read a Book!

2 responses to “Vid/BookClub

  1. I want to honor my cousin who with all his profound wisdom and intelligence, always made sure his cousins were reading, studying their history and making plans for college. He would be honored to read the articles and books on this site and knowing him he probably read more than any of us all put together… to a honorary man, to my cousin who loved our race – Thank you for all the lessons

    Your work still lives on:

  2. Long live the beautiful spirit of Bro. Dr. Erskine A. Peters, his “will to be lives in me”…Hotep!

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