Welcome to one of the baddest EduTainment Resources on the Web.

A one-stop-shop for education,consciousness raising, entertainment and liberation. And the nicest thing about it is that you can become a contributor. Just start out by reading this overview and learning how things work. You can play a video right within this start page and even browse to it’s music. Or turn on an audio playlist to facilitate your browsing. Tons of other options, too numerous to mention here are also right at you finger tips. Ride it however you like, it’s all good. Once you get going, check out a Multi-Media Article that interests you and make a comment. I, RBG Street Scholar-Your Zine author, editor and guru will respond. The aforementioned approach is a kool gateway to doing bigger and better things in and with the Communiversity.


It’s about creating and maintaining the best “Afri-Conscious Cyber EduTainment Portal / Communiversity on the Web”.

It’s about saving time doing study, learning / teaching together and having madd fun doing it. The meticulously researched choice of links can be thought of as our votes in the popularity contest that is the “Best of the Best in Black Internet” . The intention is to provide a diverse and concise starting point for you to begin your quest for whatever information you are looking for from a progressive/radical/revolutionary Black perspective . As most of these sites have vast links sections of their own, so do the sites they link to, and so on, and so forth—starting from these links, you can delve further into whatever area interests you.

They say ” Black Folx Can’t Unite, I say they’re a lie” Let’s show the world our truth and culture; all under the umbrella of Black Nationalism> PanAfrikanism> Scientific Socialism> Revolutionary Change>Afrikan Internationalism.

Browse existing content in any of our four Zines and you will discover that they are all concentrically integrated, thus providing you with a most rich and wholesome interactive learning experience.

**All Family members, as you explore and learn from this Comprehensive Knowledge Database, please post your comments.**

RBG Student-Teacher User Guide

RBG Rules of Engagement

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