Welcome to our new Blog!

This blog began as an idea for a “book reading club” for the Teachers and Parents of the Adelaide L. Sanford Charter School, a new Charter School in NWK,  New Jersey.  During the “creation process” for our club, we realized that many of the Authors we wanted to read are recorded online in video form.

Combining the availability of online videos and the opportunity to research & challenge what we read and hear, with the need to accommodate the 24/7 communication requirements of our target group, this blog was born.

Our requirement for the members of  this blog is to view every video and read every book, but  “believe nothing”.  In other words, challenge everything you see here.  Research everything and show & prove that it’s accurate or false. We have been “going on faith” and simply believing for hundreds of years, and it’s time we start confirming what we are told!

Now, some may find the term “End Slavery Now…READ!” offensive, especially Black Americans that do not feel as if they are slaves. But let’s think about what actually happened to us…Our Ancestors were put through a “severe process” in order to dehumanize them.  They/we were forced to abandon our native languages, customs, beliefs, relationships, education, etc.  The goal was to “reduce” them/us mentally to animals, and of course they/we were treated as animals as well.

This very painful, detailed process was implemented over several hundred years.  Now, let’s fast-forward to today…we have never had any type of “therapy” what so ever to help correct/heal us from that process.  We are the ONLY people in the world that was taught to hate ourselves, and love our oppressors, we don’t even realize that we are family, because we don’t share a native language, or any type of customs or traditions that would connect us as family. We are completely dysfunctional as a group, and all roads lead to our memory/knowledge of ourselves being completely erased.

Family, our condition reminds me of how Circus Elephants are trained. The elephants are chained by one ankle to a tree stump. The elephant will “initially” pull and tug and try his best to free himself.  Eventually, the elephant learns “how far” he can get by pulling & tugging, & mentally surrenders to that “distance”.  After this point, the elephant’s oppressors remove the chains, but the elephant never tries to escape, he thinks or better yet is convinced, that he “cannot get any further” than his chain will allow him, even though, the chain has been removed.  We, Black Family, are that elephant, physically free, yet mentally enslaved.

The goal of this blog is to become another resource for “self-study”. We have observed that the vast majority of our Elders and Ancestors that displayed a complete sense of Love and Commitment for their Black-Race Family, became enlightened/conscious as a result of “self-study”.  Let’s practice Ujima, and study together to return our Stolen Legacy and gain Uhuru!

Here is an interesting video debate about this subject…

Part 2…….Part 3…….Part 4…….Part 5

Do you think that we are still slaves (mentally) in some or many ways?

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  1. Black on! This is the blog we all need! E se gan(thanks so much in YORUBA)!Black people must check out this site daily and READ all the books and hear all the videos available here! Sister Shahrazad Ali(who first become a household name in the BLACK community with her book “The Blackman’s Guide to `Understanding the BLACK woman” )in 1996 published another great book “Are You Still a Slave?” and this blog helps us to overcome our continued slave behavior,for as Brother Malcolm X said then “we are 20 century slaves”,we are now 21st century slaves, who must let go this negative anti-BLACK behavior that has brought us to the lowest level of the race since slavery!

  2. Hello Sis. Yeye,

    Thank you for your strong endorsement, it’s appreciated. Also, thank you for compiling all that useful Black knowledge on your blog, let’s continue to build…Hotep!

  3. Bro Jay thank you for putting this together. Wonderful job. I look forward to learning and growing as a community. It is time for US as a people to learn about how great we are as a race. Our country has grown and yesterday we became represented in so many ways. Our country has come a long way so now it is time for our race to heal and grow to new heights. This blog will challenge and enlighten many people. It’s right on time.

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