How come?

Peace Family,

While visiting countless websites offering different products & services that are owned and operated by our Family members, it made me wonder…

How come there are so many Black owned businesses throughout the southern states, and up here in the north, we are almost invisible?

Now I know that a lot of us from up north have relocated to the south, and that  there are a lot more of us living in some southern cities/towns, but the last time I checked, there are still millions of us up here in the north!

Here is what I figured out…and remember, I could be wrong, so don’t attack me, this is just my scientific observation…We, up here in the north, suffer from…….“Integration”.

Let me explain…

In the South, you are more likely to live amongst Blacks, go to school with Blacks, attend a historic Black College, join a Black Sorority/Fraternity, play sports for Black coaches, work for a Black owned company, and partner with other Blacks and start a business, and also spend your money with, and network with Black owned businesses.  (Jet-Black-Strong-Coffee!) 

Up here in the North, everything is just about, the opposite.  We live amongst others, go to school with others, attend their colleges, hope to work for their corporations, buy from their companies and avoid our few Black owned businesses, dress like them, talk like them, wear our hair like them (you knew my black @#$ was gonna mention hair, right?) many of us hope to marry one of them, we ignore most things Black, like reading Black books throughout the year, celebrating or better yet “practicing” the 7 principles of Kwanzaa, etc. etc. etc.  (Weak coffee, with a lot of cream)

For the record, I  realize that many of our Family members here in the North are consciously building for our collective future…also, I realize that not all of us in the south are focused on us.

So what,  Bro. Jay!!! Why is this important, can’t we all just…get along?  Yes Family, we can all “get along”.  However, history demonstrates that we all get along better when we control the economics of our communities

You do realize that every other group of people in this country does what we should be doing, only on a much, much larger scale, right?

Family, as we enter another year on our beautiful planet, let’s make supporting each other in self-employment our collective goal.

To get a deeper understanding of the significance of owning what we do, please give Bro. Dr. Claude Anderson just 9 minutesper clip, of your attention…

visit his website…

Please view & share your thoughts below…

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